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12/09/2019 Introducing myself

Welcome all to my blog. First off, this is something that I have only tampered with in the past, but I’m sure I shall get used to it. I would like to start by introducing myself. I was Born in Bedford got very little in the way of qualifications at school as I was from a working class background my parents encouraged me to get a career like my siblings who became a motor mechanic and nurse. Apart from playing football, I enjoyed woodwork and Technical drawing at school so sort to get an apprenticeship in something to do with wood. I completed a 3 year apprenticeship and carried on for a further year to then switch to Antique furniture restoration and cabinet making. In 1988 we moved the workshop and business up to North Yorkshire, I was 25 years old then and  keen on pot holing and climbing.

I had been living over the border in Lancashire to Barnoldswick (although many would argue its in Yorkshire), and developed the workshop to include a lot more machinery and equipment. I also had Met Ellaine around this time and eventually married 10 years later in 2006. However I had lost the love of running my own business and in 2007 decided to go to university, have a mid life crises, getting educated and change my career.

I gained a 1st class honours degree and a Masters in Sports coaching. I then decided I wanted to lecture in sport, so I gained a PGCE and after a spell in HE moved into HE at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. I now lecture in Outdoor adventure leadership and sport and PE.

I also became very interested in Strength and conditioning and my coaching lead me to becoming an accredited Strength and Conditioning coach. Along side my studies I worked in S&C and still do with may different athletes form all sorts of sports. As A lecture though I was reading and talking with experts in different fields of health and fitness and started to understand the importance of longevity and longterm injuries to athletes and people in general (there will be more on this in future blogs).

I became a serious rock climber and mountaineer when I moved up in 88 and as my then main climbing partner said “you’re probably the best climber to come out of Bedford”, may have been true then. I did get to climbing to E5/6 quite regularly in my Mid thirties and reaching 7C+ as well a few times (couldn’t break into the 8’s). I still climb for pleasure and now I am looking at spreading my coaching skills into developing climbing in others as well as enjoying the great outdoors ; again more on this in future blogs.

As well as delivering practicals in health, fitness and outdoor leadership to the students I am working within guiding and leading in the mountains of Britain as well as delivering S&C to athletes. On top of that I am doing a part time PhD in Fear and why some expose themselves to fear and danger for pleasure (more on this later)